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Community Support

Updated 17/07/20

We are endeavouring to support community initiatives that have been put in place to support the elderly or vulnerable.  In the first instance we are concentrating on those residents who perhaps have no access to social media.  We have already made regular contact with people who may be socially isolated to offer assistance. 

If you are fit and healthy and are able to help your neighbours or other members of the community please get in touch and we can put you in touch with an appropriate volunteer scheme. Alternatively you can register now as a volunteer with Southend Borough Council at https://www.facebookcom/southendcoronavirusaction

5 things you can do to make a positive difference in your community

1. Think of others, consider your actions & be kind

People in every community will face the challenges of Covid-19 in some way –from needing basic provisions to help while they are unwell.

2. Connect and reach out to your neighbours

As self-isolation increases, we need to find new ways to stay connected and check on one another for our physical and mental wellbeing. Share phone numbers and stay in touch.

3. Make the most of local online groups

Keep up to date, share accurate information and be a positive part of your local community conversations.

4. Support vulnerable or isolated people

Different groups in our communities are at increased risk and social isolation and loneliness are key concerns for all ages. There are things you can do like volunteering for local support services or donating to foodbanks to help.

A self-isolation support group has been set up on Facebook for those around Southend-on-Sea needing help during this time.

5. Share accurate information and advice

Support anyone who may be anxious about COVID-19. Signpost them to the correct advice from Public Health England and the NHS and encourage people to follow the correct hygiene practices.

Leigh-on-Sea Tin Teams

Leigh-on-Sea Tin Team collecting donations for those in need during the COVID-19 crisis Tin Team is a group of residents in Leigh-on-Sea, who got inspired by the weekly clapping for carers started gathering supplies for the local foodbanks.  Started by Vicky Casson and supported by the Marine Estates Residents Facebook group it began by her neighbours giving her tins of food on their walls or driveways to be collected the same night as the Thursday Clap for the NHS.

As the weekly clapping for carers came to end in June and more Leigh residents had joined in it was decided by the growing group to make collections a monthly occurrence and this was supported by a colourful poster painted by Esme Taylor and Gemma Cudlipp, inspired by Warhol’s Campbell’s soup image.   All items collected are donated to local food banks and shelters, such as One Love Soup Kitchen, HARP, SVP Short Street Shelterthe Salvation Army and Southend Foodbank.

How to help

The Leigh-on-Sea Tin Teams will be collecting again on the first Thursday evening or first Saturday morning of each month, to help replenish stocks of much needed items at our local foodbanks and homeless shelters.  If you live in Leigh-on-Sea or surrounding areas, please help donating, even if just one item, as they all add up. Leaflets will be dropped through your door, indicating which day the collector in your road has chosen that month or most collectors are happy if you can drop your donations at their front door at a time that suits you.

Each road has a collector, who lives in that street.  If you would like to find out who it is or would like to volunteer to become a Tin Team Collector – please just fill in the form.  We are all volunteers, so do give us a few days for someone to get back to you.

If you have already donated, thank you for your generosity as there are so many in need, especially with the impact of Covid-19. 

To get involved by donating food or volunteering visit their website 

Be a Good Neighbour

The council is asking residents to be considerate to their neighbours whilst the country continues to follow Government instructions to stay at home.

With people now only leaving their house to shop, exercise, for medical need or to travel to work where they cannot work from home, it is more important than ever to consider our neighbours, particularly in the mornings and evenings. The council’s regulatory services team is asking residents to consider the following advice:

  • Think about the volume of your music and how loud your TV is, especially when gaming
  • Please control the barking of dogs where possible
  • Do not have bonfires
  • Ensure that your refuse is stored securely and put out for collection on the correct day. Please look at the recycling and waste pages on the council’s website for up to date information and to view the FAQ section.
  • If you are planning on undertaking DIY at home, please only do so between 9am and 6pm. If you are planning major building or alteration work to your home please see whether it can be postponed. If not, please speak with your neighbours and come to some arrangement whilst using the social distancing rules
  • Mow the lawn or use power tools in the garden between 9am and 6pm.
  • Only use external lights where absolutely necessary
  • Use vacuum cleaners, washing machines or other domestic appliances between 8am and 9pm
  • If you play a musical instrument, try and arrange suitable times with your neighbour if you think it will affect them - but remember the social distancing rules.

Business Support

The Safer Southend Partnership team has published some useful resources and information on the Southend Bid website for any retailers opening this week. Various stakeholders including Leigh Town Council have all been involved to get the Borough back open safely for traders and residents.

Check their websites for more information.