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Latest Art Wall Exhibition is now open

A new Art Wall exhibition was installed at Leigh Community Centre on the 19th January. Entitled “Reflections on Nature” by Nicola Osborne and Amanda Westbury. The exhibition is made up of a mixture of works including paintings and ceramics and is on display at the Centre until 1st March 2020.  

Nicola says “Observation and painting are about more than accurate recording. They are about allowing the potential to promote personal reflection and interpretation.

It is with hope, that this exhibition is more than a facsimile of nature. That it is an exploration of its effect on us.

Nature inspires in many ways. The structural forms in nature are now my obsession. The geometry of nature is evident on close inspection. Circles and spheres in natural forms are the cornerstone of my work.

Overlaying shape and use of transparency, allows images to have both dynamic and quiet phases. This observation, has formed the basis of my most recent work. Abstraction, colour, shape and less formal representation are now an exciting passage of my practice.

It is with delight, that often, I note viewers’ expressions, are smiles. Here’s hoping you have the same reaction too.”

Amanda says “My ceramic artworks are inspired by nature and the British countryside. I am currently creating artworks which reflect the delicate sculptural forms of indigenous plants, flowers, and seedheads, and experimenting with natural oxide colours to bring out the richness of an earthy palette.”

Majority of the works are available for purchase, for more information contact Nicola Osborne at:

Facebook: Nicola Osborne Art

Instagram: mrso1234rs