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Association of South Essex Local Authorities Business Survey

The Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) Board have commissioned Work Advance Ltd to facilitate a conversation with businesses and residents of South Essex around the future of South Essex.

Over the next three months they will be posing a number of important questions and using a variety of tools to capture businesses and residents thoughts about South Essex.  

ASELA want to explore the views of businesses and residents on the South Essex region:

  • as a place to live, to work, to visit or to run a business – what do you feel makes the region distinct from other places
  • to better understand how Covid-19 and Brexit have and could continue to change daily lives and impact business in South Essex.
  • to explore thoughts on the external trends that could drive change, the shared ambition for South Essex in 2050, and the biggest priorities for securing a prosperous and inclusive future for the region.

The work is seeking to involve everyone – from residents to businesses, visitors to voluntary sector organisations – to join the conversation, hearing from all corners of the region; our towns, villages, rural and coastal areas.

It is important that views are captured across the business community, from the largest multi-nationals to the small businesses and social enterprises that are the backbone of our economy.

It is important that ASELA challenge established thinking and approaches, say what is important to their businesses and residents and share their hopes for the future of South Essex.

To help ASELA focus their efforts and direct investment towards the things that matter most they have developed a survey and also an ideas board so businesses and residents are not constrained in their thinking.

Please visit the website to complete the survey and to provide your views and also share with your colleagues and employees so we can really capture views across South Essex.

The website is: