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Good for Leigh Winners Announced

The Good for Leigh Awards were launched by the Town Council over a decade ago to highlight the work of individuals and groups throughout the Town who do their best - often without having to be asked - to make Leigh a better place. Thank you to this year’s winners, who were presented with their awards at our Annual Community Meeting in April.

Jack and Theo Chapman

Jack and Theo sent round notes to all their neighbours during lockdown offering their help to collect shopping, walk dogs or to provide friendly phone calls. This launched a messaging group for their street and they still keep in touch with their neighbours regularly. Jack was the recipient of our Belfairs Citizenship Award in 2021.

Debbie Fox

Debbie can often be seen litter picking throughout Leigh and we want to recognise her for her efforts to make Leigh a cleaner and tidier place.

Friends of Love Leigh Cliffs

Since the FOLLC group was established there have been many hundreds of man hours put into rejuvenating the area, and we wish to recognise the members for their hard work.

Rose Johnson

Rose was a nominee for our Citizenship Award that we run through Belfairs Academy. She is a fully committed art student, who has raised money for art enrichment projects and has volunteered fortwo years at Create 98 to help teach younger children to draw.

James Paul

James, an excellent student from Belfairs who was nominated for the Citizenship Award, is dedicated to making a difference to climate change and plays a huge part in the school's eco warrior club. He inspires his peers and leads by example.

Carolyn Sherwin

Carolyn was the founding member of the Friends of Love Leigh Cliffs Group and has worked hard to build the group membership up, making a real difference to the Cliffs area.