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Bunting Workshops a great success

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council recently hosted a series of bunting workshops for people in Leigh, in a bid to help people create environmentally friendly bunting to use for the Jubilee. 

The free workshops enabled every participant to make up to 5m of bunting, and take away the knowledge of what they had learnt to make more. Donations of fabric remnants were given to the centre, to ensure the project promoted a reuse/recycle mentality. Plastic bunting can be harmful for the local environment, especially being close to the sea, as they can break down into micro plastics which find their way in to the water. 

The workshops were a great success, with each session being fully booked. Lots of fantastic flags were created and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We look forward to seeing the handmade creations up around Leigh for the Jubilee celebrations. Thank you to Phox Cleave for running the workshops.