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Tree Charter

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People

More than 70 organisations from across multiple sectors have joined forces to create a Charter for Trees, Woods and People that will guide policy and practice in the UK. There are ten principles which underpin the Charter. For every signature we receive a tree will be planted. 

The Tree Charter Principles we believe in are: 

  1. Thriving habitats for diverse species 
  2. Planting for the future 
  3. Celebrating the Cultural Impact of Trees 
  4. A thriving forestry sector that delivers for the UK
  5. Better protection for important trees and woods 
  6. Enhancing new development with trees 
  7. Understanding and using the natural health benefits of trees 
  8. Access to trees for everyone 
  9. Addressing threats to woods and trees through good management 
  10. Strengthening landscapes with woods and trees 

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council is proud to be the first Charter Branch in the Southend Area, our role is to build engagement with the Charter campaign amongst the local Community and explore ways to improve things locally for trees and people.



* You must be over 18 to sign


We have received the following letter of thanks from the Woodland Trust:

Thank You for Supporting the Tree Charter


I am writing to thank Leigh-on-Sea Town Council for its role in helping to launch the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People earlier this year.


The Local Council Charter Branch network has surpassed all expectations, planting hundreds of Legacy Trees and collecting thousands of signatures. You have made a great contribution to strengthening the voice of the Tree Charter. If you have not done so already, you can now visit the new Tree Charter website and read the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter in their entirety. Each principle is accompanied by evidence, articles and calls to action.


After Christmas we will be entering a new phase of the Tree Charter project. The Charter Branch network will be rejuvenated, with new projects and activities for local councils to get involved with. In addition, we are looking forward to the release of our local council Tree Charter toolkit early next year, which will translate the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter into tangible actions your council may take.


The launch of the Tree Charter is just the beginning of an exciting new time for trees in the UK. By embracing the Tree Charter councils have placed themselves at the centre of the conversation about policy and practice regarding trees. By adopting and enacting the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter, councils will become a leading force for improving the relationship between trees and people in the United Kingdom.