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Sign the Tree Charter and Plant a Tree


More than 70 organisations from across multiple sectors have joined forces to create a Charter for Trees, Woods and People that will guide policy and practice in the UK.  To find out more about the charter and the ten principles which underpin the charter visit: https://treecharter.uk/

As your local charter branch for Leigh, Leigh Town Council have committed to supporting the Charter for trees, Woods and People by promoting the campaign and improving things for local trees and people.

The 10 Tree Charter Principles we believe in:

  1. Thriving habitats for diverse species
  2. Planting for the future
  3. Celebrating the cultural impact of trees
  4. A thriving forestry sector that delivers for the UK
  5. Better protection for important trees and woods
  6. Enhancing new developments with trees
  7. Understanding and using the natural health benefits of trees
  8. Access to trees for everyone
  9. Addressing threats to woods and trees through good management
  10. Strengthening landscapes with woods and trees

The new Tree Charter, launches on 6 November 2017.

You can support the campaign by signing the Tree Charter online or by signing our book which is held at the Community Centre Reception.

For every signature a tree will be planted by the Woodland Trust.

You must be 18 and over to sign the tree charter but under-18s can still show their support by adding a leaf to our bare tree illustrations at the Community Centre.

Leigh Art Trail will also run an activity on Wednesday 9th August 2017, 10am-1pm at the Community Centre decorating the tree as part of our Summer holiday event programme.

With thanks to Abbey Star Print Solutions for donating materials for our Summer activity.