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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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Have you ever thought about growing your own fruit and vegetables but lack the space in your own garden? The Council manages two allotment sites in the town on Marshall Close and Manchester Drive, which are beloved by green fingers of all ages. The benefits of having an allotment plot are enormous and the sites offer a haven of tranquillity amongst the busy world around.

Both sites have their own Allotment Societies to allow all members voices to be heard and for any concerns to be raised. Quarterly meetings are also held within the Council and the sites are managed by our administration team.

If you are interested in renting your own allotment, please contact the Council on 01702 716288.  

For a wax lyrical view on allotment life, read Ray Morgan's blog here

Allotment Handbook

To find out more about running your own allotment plot, have a read through of our Allotment Handbook below. 


Allotment Rents & Tenancy Agreements

Follow the link below to view the rents for the various sites and plot sizes. All rents are charged annually, with invoices being sent in October.

Leigh Site - Rents 2021/2022

Marshall Close - Rents 2021/2022

MDAS Site - Rents 2021/2022

Please note as of 7th August 2019, a deposit for an allotment key will be £6.00. Anyone returning a key who paid a deposit prior to this date will just receive their £5.00 paid.

We ask all our tenants to sign our Tenancy Agreement and adhere to the Council rules whilst using their Allotment site. These are put in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users.

The Tenancy Agreement has now been updated as of September 2021 and can be viewed here: Allotment Tenancy Agreement

N.B. With effect from 11th February 2020 tenants must not burn any material in any form on the allotment sites.  Bonfires and braziers/incinerators are not permitted on any allotment site.  The use of a BBQ is not permitted without prior written consent from the Council for a particular occasion.

Health & Safety Policy

The Council wish to ensure the safety of anyone using or visiting the allotments and ask that all tenants familiarise themselves with our Health & Safety Policy.

Health & Safety for Allotment Users

Bee Keeping Policy

Bee Keeping is allowed within the Allotments but the Council has a strict policy regarding this to ensure the safety of all users. Please read our Bee Keeping Policy for more information.Bee Keeping Policy

Allotments Mediation Procedure

Sadly sometimes things go wrong between tenants and the Council will do its utmost to assist by following a mediation procedure.

Allotments Mediation Procedure


Manchester Drive Allotments

Manchester Drive Allotments is our largest allotment site with a total of 329 plots across 2 sites. The site has its own Allotment Society which assist in the running of the Allotment. Manchester Drive Allotment Society (MDAS) collects rent on behalf of the Council, undertakes self-improvement works and maintenance, and runs their own on-site shop and meeting room. In recent years the Society, in conjunction with the Council has worked to improve the sites security with new fencing along the northern boundary.


Aeriel views of the Manchester Drive Allotments. The plots can be accessed via a main and secondary entrance on Manchester Drive and via the gate in Randolph Close.

Marshall Close Allotments

Marshall Close Allotments is made up of 10 plots, it is also run by its own society. Unfortuntely there are no available plots for this site at present.

Aeriel view of Marshall Close's 10 plots.