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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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The benefits of having an allotment plot are enormous and we manage two allotment sites in the town - Manchester Drive and Marshall Close.

Both sites have allotment societies so as well as growing your own fruit and veg, there is the chance to become part of a great community.

Once you have read all the information on this page, if you are still interested in renting your own allotment, please email [email protected]  

For a wax lyrical view on allotment life, read Ray Morgan's blog here

A picture of a Flower Bed in Manchester Drive Alottment

A picture of a Flower Bed in Manchester Drive Alottment

Picture of peas in Manchester Drive Allotments

Picture of peas in Manchester Drive Allotments

Picture of Strawberries    

Picture of Strawberries 

Allotment Handbook

To find out more about running your own allotment plot, have a read through of our Allotment Handbook below. 



Allotment Rents & Tenancy Agreements

Follow the link below to view the rents for the various sites and plot sizes.  The allotment year runs from October through to September.

Manchester Drive allotments:

MDAS Side - Rents 2022/2023

Leigh Side - Rents 2022/2023

Marshall Close - Rents 2022/2023

All tenants must sign our Tenancy Agreement and adhere to the Council rules whilst using their Allotment site Allotment Tenancy Agreement

Health & Safety Policy

The Council wish to ensure the safety of anyone using or visiting the allotments and ask that all tenants familiarise themselves with our Health & Safety Policy.

Health & Safety for Allotment Users

Bee Keeping Policy

Bee Keeping is allowed within the Allotments but the Council has a strict policy regarding this to ensure the safety of all users. Please read our Bee Keeping Policy for more information. Bee Keeping Policy

Allotments Mediation Procedure

Sadly sometimes things go wrong between tenants and the Council will do its utmost to assist by following a mediation procedure.

Allotments Mediation Procedure


Manchester Drive Allotments

Manchester Drive Allotments is spread over 16 acres and there are hundreds of plots across 2 areas - the MDAS side and the Leigh side. The MDAS side has an Allotment Society which all plot holders may join.  They run their own on-site shop and cafe with toilet facilities. 

Marshall Close Allotments

Marshall Close Allotments is made up of 24 plots and has its own society on site. The waiting list is quite extensive for this site so you may have to wait a while for a plot to become free.