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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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2018/19 Agendas & Minutes

Committee Meetings Timetable 2018/19

Please note that recent minutes are in draft form until after Council or Committee have met the following month and approved them.

All Files are in PDF (Portable Document File Format), you need Adobe Reader to read them, if you do not have this click on the link below

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Annual Community Meeting

Friday 22nd March

Minutes - Draft

Full Council held at 7.30pm

Tuesday 15th May

Tuesday 29th May

Tuesday 17th July

Tuesday 18th September

Tuesday 20th November

Tuesday 22nd January

Tuesday 19th March 

 Tuesday 14th May

Policy & Resources Committee held at 7.30pm

Tuesday 3rd July 

Tuesday 4th September

Tuesday 6th November

Tuesday 8th January

Tuesday 5th March

Tuesday 30th April

Environment & Leisure Committee held at 7.30pm

Tuesday 19th June

Tuesday 21st August

Tuesday 16th October 

Tuesday 18th December

Tuesday 19th February

Tuesday 16th April

Community Facilities Committee held at 7.30pm

Wednesday 13th June

Tuesday 7th August

Tuesday 2nd October

Tuesday 4th December

Tuesday 5th February

Tuesday 2nd April

Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee held at 7.30pm

Tuesday 22nd May

Tuesday 12th June

Addendum to the Agenda - 12th June

Tuesday 26th June

Tuesday 10th July

Tuesday 24th July

Tuesday 14th August

Tuesday 28th August

Tuesday 11th September

Tuesday 25th September

Tuesday 9th October

Tuesday 23rd October

Tuesday 13th November

Tuesday 27th November

Tuesday 11th December

Tuesday 15th January

Tuesday 29th January

Tuesday 12th February

Tuesday 26th February

Tuesday 12th March

Tuesday 26th March

Tuesday  9th April

Tuesday 23rd April



Staffing Committee held at 7pm - meetings only held if required

Tuesday 29th May 

Thursday 5th July

Tuesday 23rd October

Tuesday 29th January

Tuesday 9th April

Not required





Leigh Community Centre Sub-Committee 

Wednesday 13th June

Tuesday 7th August