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Artist in Residence 

Leigh Community Centre offers the use of its attic space to house an Artist in Residence. This position is appointed by Leigh-on-Sea Town Council who hope to work with the appointee to provide creative ideas and artistic services to the Leigh-on-Sea community. All types of art will be considered on a yearly lease for the space.

Due to current restrictions the decision has been made to postpone the start of the new artist to April next year to try and ensure they have an uninterrupted and full chance of getting the most out of their residency. 

However applications are still being taken for the scheme for 2021/22. The Artist in Residence Scheme is managed by the Town Council's Art Group which is made up of councillors and local artists. The closing date for applications is 31st October with interviews taking place before Christmas. The residency is due to start from 1st April 2021. 

Click here to download the Application Form for Artist in Residence

The full brief for the Artist in Residence scheme can be found below... 

Kerry Doyland

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council are delighted to announce a year’s residency for local artist Kerry Doyland commencing in April 2019 at Leigh Community Centre.

Kerry is primarily a painter of life. As part of her residency Kerry aims to set up an atelier-style "room set” that can be left and added to between painting sessions allowing herself and fellow painters to create and complete their work. Having access to the loft space as part of the residency provides Kerry the space and time to work directly with a model.

Kerry is also a Mindfulness instructor and author of The British Standards specification for managing stress in the workplace, Kerry is eager to share the proven benefits of expression through art with people who have not yet discovered their own creativity. As part of the Town Council’s initiative for the Artist in Residence to contribute to the artistic life of the town, Kerry will begin a scholarship scheme, inviting new students to join her for life drawing sessions at the Community Centre, with tuition and fees paid.

Working alongside the Town Council’s Art Group, Kerry will assist in the creation of exhibitions of all art forms on the Community Art Wall, within the Community Centre. Also, as part of the residency, Kerry will be commissioned by Leigh-on-Sea Town Council for a legacy piece of art during her year at the Centre.

"I’m thrilled to be given an opportunity to set up large atelier-style roomsets, and to be able to share the joys of painting from life, with other artists.”- Kerry Doyland, Leigh-on-Sea Town Council Artist in Residence 2019-20.

Kerry Doyland - Artist in Residence

Visit our Leigh Town Council Arts Group page on Instagram for the latest news and updates.

View more of Kerry's work by visiting her Instagram page.

Applying for the Artist-in-Residence Scheme


Leigh-on-Sea Town Council as operator of Leigh Community Centre aims for the Centre to be more than a facility for room hire within Leigh. It aims to add to the creative life of the community and nurture and develop talent within the town with a diversification of art forms.

The Artist in Residence Scheme contributes to our aims by: 

  • Allowing artists the opportunity to develop their work in a unique context.
  • Agreeing a programme of creative activities within the Centre designed to broaden the range of ages and capabilities involved in the arts
  • Contributing to the artistic life of the town, inspiring and being inspired by other artists, users and staff members who work at the Centre.
  • Broadening the types of experience in the Centre
  • Working with the Art Group to produce internal exhibitions and displays within the Centre

A 12 month residency is offered to an appropriate artist, any art form is considered. We ask that the successful applicant can complete the following:

  • Deliver an interesting and innovative arts programme within the Centre
  • Produce (a) piece(s) of work for display within a designated area of the Centre
  • Assist in the creation of exhibitions of all art forms within the Centre and the community art wall
  • Establish, in conjunction with the Art Group an outreach programme within the community of Leigh and liaise with other artists and art groups in the local area to carry this programme forward
  • To actively promote Leigh-on-Sea Town Council Arts initiatives within the local community
  • Source and advise on grant funding for the arts within the Centre and community

The Application and Appointment Process

  • Applicants shall be a resident of, or work or study within, the Borough of Southend, the Borough of Castle Point or the District of Rochford
  • Applicants, whilst enhancing their own artistic ambitions, shall embrace all appropriate art forms in their programme of creative activities within the Centre.
  • Applicants shall provide two references (one financial).
  • Applicants will be required to submit and make a presentation of an outline programme of creative activities for the Centre to the Art Group as part of their application.
  • Applicants will be expected to show a broad understanding of the work of the Council and the demographics of users of the Centre and to structure their creative programme accordingly.
  • The Art Group will short list, interview and appoint the Artist in Residence.

Facilities & Working Space

  • The Council offers the Attic area within the Centre for the Licence Period of 12 months and will expect the Artist in Residence to immerse themselves in the life of the Centre and will provide a designated space within the Centre for the Artist in Residence to display their own artistic productions for the duration of their residency.
  • The Council will publicise the Artist in Residence's programme and activities through its magazine and website thereby giving them official recognition.

Evaluation, Accountability and Impact

  • Review will take place after the first month, and then again at six months, as an opportunity to resolve any issues, report on progress and achievements and outline plans for the future. 
  • A final evaluation will take place in the last month in order to establish the Artist in Residence's contribution to the Council's aims for the Scheme and also to identify positive developments for the Artist in Residence in terms of commissions, sales and raising their professional profile in the local community and beyond. In order for the programme of an Artist in Residence to continue and improve, the Artist in Residence will provide feedback and suggestions to the Council. 

Financial and Licensing issues

  • The Artist in Residence will occupy the Attic area under a Licence and subject to payment of a monthly rental and on such other terms as described therein in the Licence.
  • No Artist in Residence shall be eligible to apply for the position again within a period of 5 years following their residency.

Copyright and Ownership

  • The copyright and all intellectual property rights in the created works and/or documents will remain vested in the Artist in Residence or the person responsible for their production.
  •  Artist in Residence will be a co-opted member of the Operator's Art Group.

Artist in Residence History 

Leigh Community Centre had been an arts hub for Leigh-on-Sea since the Town Council took over the building in 2012. We ask each of our Artist's in Residence to leave behind a legacy piece to mark their time at the Centre. Our previous artists in residence at Leigh Community Centre are as follows... 

2017 - 18 - Leigh Art Trail 

2016 - 17 - Mary Lister

2013 - 16 - Madelaine Hanman-Murphy

Mary Lister's Legacy Piece