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Community Art Wall

Want to Exhibit?

Leigh Community Centre has a Community Art Wall with regular art exhibitions from local artists and groups. The Community Art Wall is open to those who have sufficient pieces of work to fill the space. There is no charge but applications are subject to the Community Centre's Terms and Conditions. 

If interested then please request an application pack from the Community Centre reception or email  Artists and groups with a connection to the Leigh-on-Sea area will be given priority. 

The Artist in Residence and Art Wall initiatives are part of Leigh Town Council's commitment to promote the provision of accessible social, recreational, educational and cultural facilities within the town for the benefit of the community and visitors. 

Find out more about our current exhibitions by visiting our Instagram page. 


Picture of the art wall.

Lushes with Brushes on the Art Wall

22nd January – 1st March

Lushes with Brushes are exactly that, a group of fantastic female local artists who paint together and meet socially to enjoy everything about art and life. Kerry Doyland, Sharon Henson, Amanda Jackson, Terry Sibson, Annabelle Brotherton and Susan Allen are displaying their work on the Art Wall at Leigh Community Centre from 22nd January – 1st March. These six artists meet to challenge and inspire each other and the exhibition of their paintings is a reflection of this past year. The exhibition includes a mix of landscapes and still life paintings, both realistic and abstract. 

For more information or to purchase any of the artwork on display, please contact Susan at

Cup Of Leigh Art Wall


5th February to 28th February

Chroma:  the purity of a colour or its freedom from white or grey 

This joint exhibition revolves around both artists’ love of colour and use of mixed media. Who doesn’t love colour? They certainly do.

Nicola and Sharon, both local artists, met through their involvement in The New City Gallery back in March 2022. They showed their work in this pop-up gallery in Victoria Plaza Southend, alongside a variety of artists. They found a common interest in colour and intuitive painting, but work in different ways. Sharon is a portrait artist and Nicola works from organic forms

Both artists enjoy trying different techniques, the unexpected outcomes and the excitement of the process. Evidenced by the variety of work in this exhibition.

Nicola mainly works in acrylic and vibrant acrylic inks, she investigates glazes of colour, using the emergence of imagery to inform outcomes. Her particular interest is the effect colour has on emotions.

Sharon is an established artist from Westcliff who has been painting and exhibiting her artwork for the past 16 years, in and around Essex and London.

Working mainly in oils, acrylics and mixed media, she paints in a range of subjects but mostly specialises in portraits.

Sharon’s portraits are from the photographs that she takes of the subjects. This enables her to create the mood and atmosphere that is integral to her paintings. Sharon often uses the same model and as a result is able to capture more than just “a likeness”, she develops their character and her own interpretation of it with great insight.

They are very proud to present this joint exhibition dedicated to the love of colour. ENJOY!