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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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Community Art Wall

Want to Exhibit?

Leigh Community Centre has a Community Art Wall with regular art exhibitions from local artists and groups. The Community Art Wall is open to those who have sufficient pieces of work to fill the space. There is no charge but applications are subject to the Community Centre's Terms and Conditions. 

If interested then please request an application pack from the Community Centre reception or email  Artists and groups with a connection to the Leigh-on-Sea area will be given priority. 

The Artist in Residence and Art Wall initiatives are part of Leigh Town Council's commitment to promote the provision of accessible social, recreational, educational and cultural facilities within the town for the benefit of the community and visitors. 

Find out more about our current exhibitions by visiting our Instagram page. 


Picture of the art wall.

Cup Of Leigh Art Wall

'Wildlife Exhibition'

1st May - 31st May.

Chris Burrows is a self-taught artist, and a local Benfleeet resident, who began drawing only a few years ago in order to help with mental health issues which he was suffering with at the time. Despite being partially colourblind, Chris started on graphite/charcole colours, slowling easing himself into using coloured pastels. Over the past few years, he has worked enourmously hard in order to build a colour 'memory bank' and feels as though he is now ready to show off his drawings to the Leigh-On-Sea residents. 


Instagram: @pencil.paws.hoofs

‘Dorisarty’ Exhibition

4th March-12th April

Dorisarty is a collective of three local women, Claire Burgoyne, Christine Hayhurst and Anne Pettenuzzo.  Dorisarty is so called because Doris is a sea goddess and all three of them have a strong connection with the sea. The name Doris has suffered pejorative use in certain quarters and the artists wished to reclaim and celebrate it.  The Dorisarty Collective aims to encourage the practice of and participation in art across the community. This exhibition showcases their most recent work and is available to view on the Art Wall at Leigh Community Centre.

For further information contact: dorisarty_art@instagram