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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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Other Groups

As well as official Council and Committee meetings there are several other Policy Discussion Groups that meet as required to discuss and manage services within the town. Town residents can be co-opted members of these meetings alongside our councillors. A variety of outside organisations are also represented by members of the Leigh-on-Sea Town Council. 

Arts Group 

Cllr. Anita Forde

Cllr. Paul Gilson 

Cllr. Vivien Rosier

Co-opted Jill Adair

Co-opted Kerry Doyland

Co-opted Malcolm Blake-Lawson

Magazine Editorial Group

Cllr. Vinice Cowell 

Cllr. Anita Forde 

Cllr. Carole Mulroney 

Cllr. Caroline Parker 

Cllr. Vivien Rosier

Cllr. Emma Smith

Cllr. Mike Wells

Co-opted Julie Curtis

Friends of Leigh Library Gardens 

This is now a charitable trust 

Cllr. Vivien Rosier is a trustee

Youth Group

Cllr. Anita Forde

Cllr. Caroline Parker 

Cllr. Vivien Rosier

Co-opted Sarah Choudray

Co-opted Sacha Edwards

Allotments Association Liaison Group

This group is comprised of representatives from the Allotment Associations and members of the Community & Culture Committee. 

Representatives of Outside Organisations 

Public & Passenger Transport Group

 Cllr. Jill Healey (Reserve Cllr. Caroline Parker)

Thames Estuary Partnership

 Cllrs Carole Mulroney & Paul Gilson

Leigh Port Partnership

 Cllr. Paul Gilson

Southend Airport Consultative Committee

 Cllr. Anita Forde (Reserve Cllr Caroline Parker)

EALC Larger Local Councils Forum/AGM

 Town Clerk

EALC Executive Committee

 Town Clerk

Southend Business Partnership

 Cllr. Carole Mulroney & Town Clerk

Southend Standards Committee

 Cllrs Mark Bromfield & Jill Healey

Southend Bio-Diversity Committee

 Cllr. Declan Mulroney


 Cllrs Anita Forde & Vivien Rosier

Fisheries Local Action Group

 Cllrs Carole Mulroney & Paul Gilson

Leigh Coastal Communities Team 

 Cllrs Carole Mulroney & Paul Gilson

Police & Fire Conference 

 Cllrs Jill Healey & Keith Evans

Veolia Customer Liaison 

 Cllrs Anita Forde and Alan Hart

Local Community Police Meeting

 Cllrs Jill Healey & Douglas Cracknell