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Licensing Committee

Like Planning Applications, the Town Council has no power to determine licensing applications. It is, however, consulted by the City Council on all applications in its area and its views are taken into account in the City’s consideration of the proposals.

The Town Council’s Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee usually meets every third Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers at Leigh Community Centre. The dates and times of the meetings and the applications which are to be considered are placed on the town noticeboards and on our website on the Thursday before each meeting. 

The meetings of the Planning, Highways & Licensing Committee are formal sessions of the Town Council and the public is asked to respect the importance of the deliberations and behave accordingly. However, if a member of the pubic wishes to speak, the Chairman will adjourn the meeting to hear comments. The meeting will then be reconvened for the Councillors’ decision to be made. The decision is then conveyed to the City Council.

If you wish to make a representation, it should be to Southend City Council marked Licensing Authority, Southend-on-Sea City Council, Civic Centre (Floor 13) , Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6ZG or emailed to In order to process your representation please include your full postal address.

Representations must relate to one or more of the four licensing objectives of crime prevention, public safety, public nuisance and child protection.

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder. This relates to any crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour at the premises or related to the management of the premises. A licence holder/applicant cannot generally be held responsible for the conduct of individuals once they leave the premises;
  2. Public safety. This relates to the safety of the public on the premises, i.e. fire safety, electrical circuitry, lighting, building safety or capacity, and first aid.
  3. Prevention of public nuisance. This can relate to issues such as hours of operation, noise emanating from the premises, vibrations, lighting and litter.
  4. Protection of children from harm. This relates to protecting children from the activities carried out on the premises whilst they are there. The law already provides special protections for children under 18 to buy alcohol.

Your comments cannot be considered if they relate to anything else, such as planning permission, the need for the premises, trade competition, or the effect on house prices. Frivolous and vexatious representations will also be rejected.

If you have a problem with an establishment with an existing license you can report this via Southend-on-Sea City Council or by getting in touch with your local Councillors.

Southend-on-Sea City Council Licensing Department: 01702 215005

Southend Community Safety Partnership:

Essex Police: