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Christmas 2023

HTe advent giving hamper is the new Christmas tradition all about giving! So instead of receiving a treat each day, you will be rewarded with the gift of Christmas cheer. We have asuggested an item that could be added for each day in November in the calendar on right, so as you start preparing for the big day yourself, why not put something aside each day for local families in need. Items dont need to be collected in a fancy hamper, a large carboard box wrapped in festive wrapping paper will do the job. Please drop your sealed hamper into the foyer of Leigh Community Centre near the Christmas tree from Friday 1st to Friday 8th December. For more information. please call on 01702 716288

Once again Leigh-on-Sea Town Council are organising an Advent Giving Hamper throughout November, to help local families in need.

Lets make this Christmas special!

A picture of a calendar and list of items assigned for each day of the month.

Leigh Town Council are inviting local choirs and singing groups to come and sing by the Christmas tree at Leigh Library Gardens between 25th of November and 16th of December. Lets light up our Leigh Christmas Tree with Christmas Carols!

To book a 20-30 minute slot, please click here  or call on 01702 716288 for more information.

For more information. please download our Community Engagement app. Leigh on Sea Town Council app is available on App store and Play Store.