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Coronavirus Emergency Community Fund 

Updated 4/5/20

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Leigh-on-Sea Town Council have been working on practical solutions on ways they can support the community during these uncertain times.

A new scheme is being officially launched today – Leigh-on-Sea Town Council’s Coronavirus Emergency Community Fund. £10,000 has currently been set aside for the fund, from an existing volunteer programme but Council will consider further funding in due course if necessary.

External not-for-profits groups/organisations along with charities, are welcome to apply for grants from £250 up to £1000, to directly help support residents within Leigh.  Additional applications can also be made again where proof of expenditure is provided.

Applications cannot be considered from political parties, commercial organisations or for projects that benefit individuals, private businesses, projects that fall outside the Town Council remit, or those that improve private land or property.

Grants will be reviewed within one week of being received by a panel of Councillors.

The full policy details can be found below, click here to download an application form. Please send completed application forms to


Coronavirus Emergency Community Fund - Policy

Policy Statement

The purpose of this grant given by Leigh-on-Sea Town Council (LTC) is to support local community initiatives related to the coronavirus pandemic (the current emergency) and which will directly benefit the area or its residents (whether fully or in part) with the benefit being commensurate with expenditure. 

Conditions of Funding

The organisation must be either non-profit making or charitable, with clearly written aims & objectives, and ideally a written constitution and membership rules.  It must have a bank account in its own name with more than one authorised representative for expenditure or a dedicated fundraising account through a recognised platform.

Applications will NOT be considered from:

  • Political parties
  • Commercial organisations
  • Purposes for which there is a statutory duty upon other local or central government departments to fund or provide
  • Organisations intending to support or oppose any particular political party or to discriminate on the grounds of race, religion or disability

This list is not exclusive and may be added to at the Council’s discretion

Use or Purpose of the Grant

LTC  awards emergency grants, at its absolute discretion, to organisations or groups which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective related to the current emergency which will benefit the Town by providing a support service to residents of the Town in terms of their health and wellbeing and quality of life

Applications will NOT be considered for:

  • Projects which benefit single individuals or private business projects
  • Projects that are the prime statutory responsibility of other government bodies
  • Projects that improve or benefit privately owned land or property

Application Procedure

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Copy of written constitution (if applicable) together with details of the aims and purpose and use for the grant.

Assessment Procedure

A grant request can only be for a minimum of £250 and a maximum of £1000 (although further grant applications may be submitted if receipts can be produced or provided as evidence to where or what the previous grant was spent on).  Any amount stated in the application form does not guarantee an award for the stated amount.

Each application will be assessed on its own merits by a Panel of members of LTC in consultation with the Town Clerk.  However, to ensure that there is a fair distribution of available funds, the Panel will take into account the extent to which funding has been sought or secured from other sources or fundraising activities

The Panel may make the award subject to such additional conditions and requirements as it considers appropriate.  The organisation (or group) will receive notice of the outcome of their application within one week of submission of their application.

Successful Applications

  1. The grant will be paid by cheque, BACS or direct to a dedicated funding platform and must be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt by the organisation or group
  2. Organisations and groups are required to advise their users/members that a grant has been received from LTC.
  3. The grant must only be used for the purpose for which it was awarded.
  4. LTC reserves the right to request feedback or receipts to demonstrate how the money has been spent and/or to inspect the outcome of the expenditure.
  5. LTC are to be acknowledged on any promotional material advertising the project/activity.